Drop Spindles

Dear Mr. Kloepping,

I am attaching the specifications from the Accessible Spindle that Ken Ledbetter designed for Healing Fibers.  It is a beautiful spindle and spins perfectly but they also cost $55 to $65 which is far too much for our Beginners Kits.

The spindles my husband made were very simple and consisted of a wooden wheel for the Whorl which was 2″ (that was a little on the small side but it worked), he used an oak dowel rod through the center and topped it with a eye screw that he opened up a little by using pliers.  Then he took a small hand saw and made a two slits on either side of the whorl, even on both sides to keep the balance, for the yarn to catch on when it is spinning.

He is not a wood worker so these were not finished off but simply something we could afford to put in our kits to give away to those wanting to try Spinning to help their hands and arms for therapy, or even to relieve stress.

I have included a pdf with a range of the specs since there is no way to make them exact.  I also included a publication from Interweave that shows how to make spindles.  The specs in the Interweave publication are for full size Spindles and not he Accessible ones but it might give you some ideas.  Using our specs and maybe some of the ideas in the Interweave Instructions might help.

The Interweave booklet gave a lot of information but I can say, they are super fancy and the ones we are needing for the kits don’t need to be anything that special!!!   I thought you might like to see the different ways you can construct the Spindles but a toy wheel on a dowel rod with a hook and two small notches will more than work wonderfully!

The finish can be whatever the woodworker prefers.

The hook size was approximately 8mm to 10 mm.  straight or twisted….I show pictures of that in the pdf I created.

The measurement ranges are in the pdf I made as well.

I thought you might be able to send out the 2 documents to those who can view them and they could have them for reference.

I hope I have answered your questions.  If you need anything else, please just let me know and I will do whatever I can.  We can also provide a tax letter for anyone able to use a tax credit.  If it is there, you might as well use it!

Thank you again, your support is what makes our vision possible!

Serenity in Fiber,


P.S. –

I apologize, the attachments appeared to be too large for your mailbox and my email was returned to me.  To fix this, I have 2 links to the PDF Documents I mention in the email which I place in our Public Dropbox folder so you can access them without downloading them.  All you have to do is to click the link below and it will take you to the information.

Feel free to download these documents or send the links to anyone you would like.  They are there for anyone to use.

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