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Book # Title Author
2 Techniques and Projects AAW
3 Nature Takes a Turn AAW
4 Wood Lathe Projects for Fun and Profit Dick Sing
5 Turning Green Wood Michael O’Donnell
6 Woodturning Techniques #3 Mike Darlow
7 Collecter’s Choice SOFA Chicago 2002
8 Masterful Woodturning S. Gary Roberts
9 The Art of Segmented Woodturning Malcom Tibbetts
10 Mini-Lathe Magic Ron Hampton
11 East Meets West AAW
12 Unique and Unusual Pens Dick Sing
13 Pens from the Wood Lathe Dick Sing
14 Segmented Woodurning Ron Hampton
15 Turning Wooden Jewelry Judy Ditmer
16 Southwestern Pottery Allan Hayes and John Blom
17 Woodturning Design #4 Mike Darlow
18 Techniques and Projects #3 AAW
19 Woodshop Dust Control Sandor Nagyszlanczy
20 Segmented Woodurning William Smith
21 Woodturning Barron
22 The Lathe Book Ernie Conover
23 Woodturning in Miniature Ian and Nina Wilkie
24 Classic Woodturning Projects Bonnie Klein
25 Woodturning Robert Chapman
26 Turned Boxes Chris Scott
27 Techniques and Projects #5 AAw
28 Turn Miniatures in Wood John Sainsburg
29 Turning Boxes Richard Raffin
30 Pen Turners Workbook Barry Gross
31 The Pen Turning Manual Thomas G. Hutchinson
32 Woodturning Jewelry Hilary Bowen
33 Turning Game Calls Ed Glenn
34 The Art of the Lathe Patrick Spielman
35 Woodturning Phil Irons
36 Turn a Bowl Ernie Conover
37 Spindle Turning Fine Woodworking
38 Learn to Turn Barry Gross
39 Wooden Bowls from the Scroll Saw Carol Rothman
40 Decorating Turned Wood Liz and Michael O’Donnell
41 Fabulous Turned Wood Projects John Hiebert and Others
42 Turning Projects Richard Raffin
43 Understanding Wood Finishing Bob Flexner
44 Woodturning Wizardry David Spingett
45 Turning Wood Richard Raffin
46 Woodturning Full Circle David Spingett
47 Making Heirloom Boxes Peter Lloyd
48 Woodshop Dust Control Sandor Nagyszlanczy
49 The Best Jigs and Fixtures Popular Woodworking
50 Trees of Arkansas Arkansas Forestry Commission
51 Creating the Perfect Wood Finish Joe L’Erario
53 Ellsworth on Woodturning David Ellsworth
54 Woodturning Techniques W. J.Wooldridge
55 Woodturning Projects Phil Jones &Charles Mercer
56 Woodturning Methods Mike Darlow
57 Practical Designs for Wood Turning Roland Seale
58 Woodturning Music Boxes James A. Jacobson
59 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Woodworking Reed Karen
60 Making Screw Threads in Wood Fred Holder
61 Small and Exciting Woodturning Projects James A. Jacobson
62 To Turn the Perfect Wooden Bowl Ron Roszkiewicz
63 Wooturning for Cabinetmakers Michael Dunbar
64 The Frugal Woodturner Ernie Conover
65 Fixtures and Chucks Doc Green
66 Miniature Birdhouses Dick Sing
67 Turning Boxes with Friction-Fitted Lids Bill Bowers
69 The Utimate Band Saw Book Donna LaChane Menke
70 Fundamentals of Woodturning Mike Darlow
71 Turning Bowls with Richard Raffin Richard Raffin
72 Carving on Turning Chris Pye
73 Woodturning Evolution David Spingett
74 The Art of Turned Bowls Richard Raffin
75 Segmented Turning Dennis Keeling
76 Modified Slimline Pens Don Ward
77 Turning Pens and Pencils Walter Hall
78 Turning Pens and Pencils Kip Christensen & Rex Burnignham
80 Turning Bowls and Spindles David Regester
82 Woodturning withRay Allen Dale Nish
83 InLace Techniques Betsey Sloan
84 Colouring Techniques for Woodturners Jan Sanders
85 Segmented Turning…a good start Bill Kandler
86 Segmented Turning a complete guide Ron Hampton
87 Fundamentals of Woodturning Mike Darlow
88 Turn a Bowl Ernie Conover
89 Masterful Woodturning S. Gary Roberts
90 Bert Marsh Woodturner Bert Marsh
91 Woodturning with Ray Key Ray Key
92 Turning Salt and Pepper Shakers Chris West
93 Wood Turning for the Garden Jeffrey Snyder
94 Contempory Woodturning Nick Arnull
95 The Basics of Turning Spirals Bill Bowers
96 The Pen Turners Bible Richard Kleinhenz
97 Stickmaking Handbook Andrew Jones and Clive George
98 Woodturning Masterclass Tony Boase
99 Woodturning Today AAW
100 Turned Chessmen Mike Darlow
101 Adventures in Woodturning David Spingett
102 Tops Making the Universal Toy Michael Cullen
103 River of Destiny Binh Pho
104 Safety for Woodturners AAW
105 Learning the Art of Pyrography Al Chapman
106 Essential Tips for Woodturners
107 Woodturning for Pleasure Gordon Stokes
108 Creative Woodturning Dale Nish

DVD# Title Demonstrator
1 Pleas McKee & Skew Pleas McKee
2 Feet & Finials Steven Hatcher
3 Turning for a Focal Point T. Wayne Furr
4 Turning Teapots Steven Hatcher
5 Mineral Crystal Inlay Steven Hatcher
6 How to Turn Pods James Johnson
7 Hand Crafted Pens- the Basics Penn state Industries
8 Carving a Vessel Gene Kircus
9 The Woodturner’s Mentor
10 Woodturning Pioneer
11 Tips for Turners III
12 Dean of American Woodturners Rude Osolnik
13 Bowl Saver System
14 Turning Finials Brian Laing
15 Secrets of Turning Backyard Pine Janice Levi
16 From Wet Log to Finished Bowl John Leonard
17 Marbling on Wood, Paper and More Bonnie MacDonald
18 End Grain Turning Andre Martel
19 Segmented Pen Blanks Using Angle Cuts Ron McIntire
20 Turning Kitchen Utensils Rusty Myers
21 Segmented Vessel Design and Construction Andy Chen
22 Multi Axis Turning Techniques Clay Foster
23 2 Piece Hollow Vessel with Small Opening Clay Foster
24 Kelton Center Saver Mike Mahoney
25 Turning the Saturn Box Anthony Harris
26 Group Bowl Design and Turning Dave Hart
27 Turning Your Scraps into Wearable Art John Horn
28 Metal Spinning Dave Hart
29 Vaccum Chucking Dave Hart
30 Basket Design David Nittman
31 Basket Turning Techniques David Nittman
32 Sharpening David Nittman
33 Saturday Night Live @ SWAT and Gallery 2006
34 Making Family Heirlooms Mike Mahoney
35 Making Connections Mike Mocho
36 Design and Build Closed End Pens John Solberg
37 Lidded Boxes-Basic to Advanced Paul Tiefel
38 On-Lathe Texturing Techniques Mike Mocho
39 Incorporate Rifle Case into Pens Don Ward
40 Surface Enhancement and Coloring Andie Wolfe
41 Surface Enhancement Pyrography Andie Wolfe
42 Wood Botany – Harvest to End Uses Andie Wolfe
43 Turning Tops for Fun and Profit Larry Zarra
44 Turn It Up 1,2,3 Jimmy Clewes
45 Adapting Metal Cutting Techniques to Rose Engines
46 Turnaround Jimmy Clewes
47 Turned Wood Jewelry Joel Crabbe
48 Multi-Axis Birdhouses SWAT 2007
49 Saturday Night Live @ SWAT and Gallery
50 Turning Miniatures Larry Zarr
51 Twisted Hollow Forms and Pigtail Twists Stuart Mortimer
52 Turned and Carved Square Platter Al Stirt
53 Wet Translucent Hollow Form and Twisted Finial Al Stirt
54 Turned, Painted and Carved Platter Al Stirt
55 Instant Gallery SWAT 2009
56 Lead Demonstrators Critique Pieces from the Gallery SWAT 2009
57 Swirling Laminated Turning Blanks Bill Kloepping
58 Combining Wood and Metal in Turning David Marks
59 Dueling Lathes M. Mahoney &S. Batty
60 Gilding Turned Vessels with Metal Leaf David Marks
61 Intro to Spiral Work Stuart Mortimer
62 Turning a Hemisphere Drew Shelton
63 Developing Form for Hollow Vessels J. Paul Fennell
64 Spheres: Three Ways Anthony Harris
65 Turning Vessels for a Carving Gene Kircus
66 Hunt County Woodturning Techniques
67 Creating Patinas on Gilded Turnings David Marks
68 Making Bowls Fly Craig Timmerman
69 Alcohol Drying Techniques Dave Smith
70 Using an Airbrush to Spray Acrylics and Dyes Binh Pho
71 Piercing and Texturing Binh Pho
72 ABC’s of Surface Enhanchments Art Liestman
73 Teapots Art Liestman
74 Advanced Design Lamination Bill Kloepping
75 Building a Vaccum Chuck System John Solberg and Pete Tkacs
76 3 Axis Box with Threaded Handle and Eccentric Finial Mark St Leger
77 Rock-a-Bye Box Mark St Leger
78 Sculpting Wood Beyond the Lathe Trent Bosch
79 Turning a Double Natural Edge Bowl Kevin Basset
80 Projects for the Beginning Woodturner Wayne Furr
81 Turning a Thin Wall Bowl Binh Pho
82 Segmented Box with Insert Lid Delbert Dowdy
83 Vessels of Illusion Trent Bosch
84 Instant Gallery SWAT 2008
85 Creating Texture with Carving and Custom Woodburning Tips Matthew Hill
86 Lidded Boxes With No Sandpaper Matthew Hill
87 Rose Engine Lathe Dan Henry
88 Sanding Secrets Bruce Hoover
89 Turning a Bowl From Raw Material to Finished Product Larry Walworth
90 Augmentation Techniques Using Color Matthew Hill
91 Feet-Getting Hollow Forms and Bowls off the Table Bill Rubinstien
92 Making the Most of Your Mini-Lathe John Horn
93 The Skew Chisel Alan Lancer
94 Embellishing by Woodburning Diana Gahagan
95 Elliptical Turning Andy Chen
96 Woodturning Workshop TimYoder
97 Instant Gallery SWAT 2004
98 Turn It On Jimmy Clewes
100 Turning the World #1 #2 #3 Jimmy Clewes
101 Turning Elegant Pens Steven D. Russell
102 Bowl Turning Techniques Using a Gouge Stuart Batty
103 The Six Fundamental Woodturning Cuts Stuart Batty
104 Turning Tree Crotches Bill Berry
105 Long Stemmed Goblet Jimmy Clewes
106 Coloring Pieces Jimmy Clewes
107 Lidded Boxes With Ebony Inlay Lid Jimmy Clewes
108 Two Axis Potpourri Bowl Tom Crosby
109 Demystifying Sharpening Kirk DeHeer
110 Fundamentals of Square Turning Jamie Donaldson
111 The Phrugal Photo Studio Jamie Donaldson
112 Basic Metal Spinning Tom Farrell
113 Hand Chased Threaded Boxes Anthony Harris
114 Two Bowls From One Log Anthony Harris
115 Natural Edge Turning
116 Duck Calls Danny Burd
117 Inside Out Christmas Ornaments Dan Henry
118 From the Tree to the Table Mike Mahoney
119 The Johny Appleseed of Turning Palmer Sharpless
120 Woodturning Wizardy David Springnett
121 Introduction to Segmented Turning Curt Theobald
123 Turning Multi-Axis Platters Frank Penta
124 Wrap Your Boxes Bill Tilson
125 Two Axis Disc Shaped Vase Craig Timmerman
126 Corian: An Alternative Material Andy Chen
127 Rose Engine Lathe Special Intrest Group Dan Henry
128 Utility Bowls Trent Bosch
129 Texturing and Coloring Using Bleach, Stain and Paint Betty Scarpino
130 Turning an Open-Sided Hollow Vessel Ken Rodgers
131 Turned Boxes-The Final Box Ray Key
132 Video Training Ken Rodgers
133 Designing a Segmented Vase Linda Salter
134 Advanced Segmenting Linda Salter
135 Putting a Spiral Insert in a Vase Tom Crosby
136 Signature Gouge David Elsworth
137 Turned Boxes Richard Raffin
138 Back to Basics Jimmy Clewes
139 Lessons in Segmented Woodturning #1 Malcolm Tibbetts
140 Lessons in Segmented Woodturning #2 Malcolm Tibbetts
141 Lessons in Segmented Woodturning #3 Malcolm Tibbetts
142 Lessons in Segmented Woodturning #4 Malcolm Tibbetts
143 Lessons in Segmented Woodturning #5 Malcolm Tibbetts
144 Bandsaw Jet
145 Building a Segmented Vase Linda Salter
146 Rose Engine Lindow White
147 Ornamental Turners International Harris-Ketchen_Arnold
148 Woodturning Projects for Everyone #1 Nick Cook
149 Woodturning Projects for Everyone #2 Nick Cook
150 Hook Tool Utilization Raul Pena
151 Segmented Sculpture Malcolm Tibbetts
152 Beyond the Segmented Basics Malcolm Tibbetts
153 Segmented Basics Malcolm Tibbetts
154 Long Stemmed Goblet Andy Chen
155 Bowls with Leaves Inlay Eli Avisera
156 Boxes with New Ideas Eli Avisera
157 Boxes with New Ideas in Off-Center Eli Avisera
158 Goblet with Star Segment & Trembler Eli Avisera
159 Square Bowl with Off-Center Eli Avisera
160 Basic Hollowing for Beginners Mike Jackofsky
161 Hollowing a Large Open Bowl Mike Jackofsky
162 Natural Edge Burl Hollow Form Mike Jackofsky
163 How to Cut Cleanly Using Various Tools James Johnson
164 Hollow Forms with Negative Spaces Jim Keller
165 Natural Edge Mushroom Box with Hand Chased Thread Alan Leland
166 A Three Legged Stool Alan Leland
167 Long Stem Bud Marion McDaniel
168 Small Boxes with Tight and Loose Lids Anna Rachinsky
169 Turn a Torus Vase Craig Timmerman
170 Decorating Our Work Jennifer Shirley
171 Big Ideas in a Small Package Jennifer Shirley
172 Turn Me a Story Jennifer Shirley
173 The Turned Canvas Jennifer Shirley
174 Creating Mini Vessels with Carvings Molly Winton
175 Intro to Surface Enhancements Molly Winton
176 Making and Using Homemade Brands Molly Winton
177 Cutting Spirals on a Turning Andy Chen
178 Hemispherical Christmas Ornaments Tom Farrell
179 Low Cost and Low Tech Surface Decoration Clay Foster
180 Multiple Axis Vessel-Process and Concepts Clay Foster
181 SWAT 2010 Instant Gallery and Beads of Courage Bill Kloepping and Tracey Matern
182 Turning Projects Richard Raffin
183 Turning Wood Richard Raffin
184 Turning Boxes Richard Raffin
185 Woodturning Christmas Projects Rex and Kip with Dale Nish and Dick Sing
186 The Goblet Box Eli Avisera
187 Beads of Courage Bowls Tom Cosby
188 Long Stem Bud Marian McDaniel
189 Production Turning Allen Tucker
190 Laminated Turning Blanks Bill Kloepping
191 Hollowing Techniques Dennis Ford
192 Crushed Rock Applications Katrina Thiele
193 Two Axis Potpourri Bowl Tom Crosby
194 Tage Frid Finish Howard Hale
195 Platters and Brick Pyrography Sharon Ayers
196 Lidded Box Gary Sanders
197 Instant Gallery Bill Kloepping
198 Instant Gallery Bill Kloepping
199 Stick Pens Sammy Thomason
200 Wolverene Sharpening System
201 SWAT 2011 Instant Gallery Bill Kloepping
202 SWAT 2011 Befriending the Skew Alan Lancer
203 SWAT 2011 Basic Bowl Turning Why we do what we do Dave Hout
204 SWAT 2011 Pushing to the Next Level Curt Theobald
205 SWAT 2011 Pepper Mills Nick Cook
206 SWAT 2011 Thinking Outside the Box Curt Theobald
207 SWAT 2011 Anatomy of a Pattern Curt Theobald
208 SWAT 2011 Hooks Loops and Boxes Alan Lancer
209 SWAT 2011 Better Demonstrating
210 SWAT 2011 Ornamental Turning
211 Natural-Edged Bowls Buddy Compton
212 SWAT 2011 Candle Stick and Candle Holder Robert Rosand
213 SWAT 2011 Hand Chasing Corian Inserts for Boxes Thomas Irven
214 SWAT 2011 Piercing Made Easy Paula J. Hammond
215 SWAT 2011 Long Stemmed Flowers Jim Keller
216 SWAT 2011 Natural Edge Goblets Dennis Ford
217 SWAT 2011 Tops for Fun and Profit Larry Zara
218 Geometric Shapes Wayne Furr
219 SWAT 2011 Surface Texturing, Carving, and Coloring Doug Fisher
220 SWAT 2011 Casting Pen Blanks Don Ward
221 SWAT 2011 Spindle Turning Judy Williams
222 SWAT 2011 All About Sharping Keith Hughes
223 SWAT 2011 Turning Off-Axis with a Vacuum Chuck Doug Fisher
224 SWAT 2011 Production Turning Nick Cook
225 SWAT 2011 Segmenting-Where to Start Curt Theobald
226 SWAT 2011 Lidded Box Robert Rosand
227 SWAT 2011 Christmas Ornament and Acorn Birdhouse Robert Rosand
228 SWAT 2011 Metal Spinning Dave Hout
229 Basic Segmenting Sammy Thomason and Bill Kloepping
Chain Saw Safety Maintenance and Operation Stihl
230 2 AXIS 4 Piece Turned Candle Stick Marion McDaniel
231 Natural Edge Thin Stem Goblet John Beasly
232 Selecting Wood for Bowls Roger England
233 Platters Ken Rodgers
234 Sphere Making Jig Dan Henry
Hook Tool Demo Tom Crosby
Platter with Arcs Marion McDaniel
Chatter Tool Bryan Evans
In-Depth Hollowing Techniques Lyle Jamison

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