Sit Down Lathe

Sit-Down Lathe Assembly Instructions
Cut the MDF parts per Drawing
Lathe Bed Ends 8 ½ X 11 ½
Stand Ends 19 X 16
Lathe Bed 8 ½ X 38

Rip the (2) 2 X 4’s with a very thin blade in the center to be close to 1 ¾ X 1 ½

Cut (2) 2 x2’s to 38” for lathe bed
Cut (4) 2 X 2’s to 5 1/2“

Assemble lathe bed with the 3 inch screws and yellow glue, with 2 5 1/2 inch pieces for ends and 2 pieces install centered between the ends, put the 1 ¾ side vertical, Install lathe bed top on the frame with screws and glue keeping as square as possible.

Lay out the Lathe bed ends (note the 2 different radiuses) Secure the 2 pieces together with nails in the waste area.

Drill a 3/8 hole at the pivot hole and 90 Degree hole locations
Separated the 2 pieces and put a 3/8 pin in the pivot hole and use the 90 degree hole to locate and drill the other holes ( this will ensure holes will be aligned )
Put 2nd pin in 90 degree hole and trim waste area and smooth edges.

Lay out Stand Ends, mark pivot hole 5 inches down from the top and centered, draw the 4 3/4 radius lines. Secure the 2 pieces together with nails in the waste area
Drill the 3/8 pivot hole, put the bed end piece on the stand end piece with the pin in the 3/8 pivot holes. Drill the 90 degree hole in the ends using the 90 degree hole in the bed end for alignment.

Lay out leg locations on the stand ends aligning the inside of the leg on the 4 3/4 radius line and the out side on the bottom outside corner on the end piece. Cut legs to 40 ¾ long with the 1 ¾ cut edge on the MDF. Mark leg end angle approximately 15 degrees Cut waste area off of stand end pieces and smooth. Install the legs on the stand ends with glue and 2 inch screws, 2 through the legs into the MDF and 4 on the other side through the MDF into the legs.

Sand end assemblies

Cut angles on the stretchers to fit and install the stretchers on the legs about 6 inches up from the bottom of the legs with (4) 2 inch screws and glue,

Assemble the lathe bed ends on the lathe bed with (8) 2 inch screws and glue, long radius to the front of the lathe bed, sand as required.

Assemble the lathe bed on the lathe ends with the 2 ½ pins and collars and put 2 ½ X 3/8 bolts with flat washers and wing nuts in the 90 degree holes. Sand bed assembly

Install the back panel with (8) 2 inch screws no glue (may need to disassemble for moving or storage. Align the bottom of the panel with the bottom of the stretcher. (Cut length to fit)

Install the tool shelf on the bottom of the end MDF pieces with (8) 2 inch screws no glue.
(Cut length to fit)

Install the optional stability shelf on top of the stretches at the back side with 2 inch screws no glue. (Cut length to fit)

Lay out stop locations, at the back side of the lathe bed draw a line with the bed in the horizontal position and with the bed in the vertical position, where these lines intersect install the stop block, a 1 X 3 hard wood bock with (4) 1 ¼ screws

Install the lathe on the bed, center the lathe on the bed, drill 4 ¼ inch holes through the lathe leg holes, install with (4) ¼ bolts and loch nuts and washers

The stand is completed, finish as desired.

Sit-Down Lathe Materials list
Qty Item

1 Sheet 3/4 MDF
2 2x4x8
2 3/8×2 1/2 bolts
2 3/8 wing nuts
4 3/8 collars
8 Flat Washers
8 1 5/8 Screws
40 2 inch screws
8 3 inch screws
4 1/4×3 1/2 bolts, lock nuts and flat washers

Parts Details

2 Lathe bed ends 3/4 MDF 8 1/2×11 1/2
2 Stand Ends 3/4 MDF 16×19
1 Lathe Bed 3/4 MDF 8 1/2×38
1 Back Panel 3/4 MDF 20×42.5 (cut to fit)
1 Tool Shelf 3/4 MDF 10×41 (cut to fit)
2 Leg Stretcher 3/4 MDF 4×29 (cut to fit)
4 Legs 1 1/2×1 3/4×40 3/4

Opt Stability Shelf 3/4 MDF 12×41(cut to fit)
Opt Stand leg cap 3/4 MDF 4×12

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