Sit-Down Lathe

The Hunt County Woodturners Inc. has embarked on a new endeavor. Two of our largest projects have been The Freedom Pen Foundation, where we make hand crafted pens and provide them to the Foundation run by the Chaplains of the Armed Forces, who in turn distributes them to the men and women in harms way in combat zones. Our other large project is to make hand crafted toys for local charity organizations such as WIN, Sheriffs Association, Salvation Army and the Rainbow Room, part of CPS.  Hundreds of each were made and distributed this last year.  We have now started another project geared toward individuals who could benefit from our particular skills. One of our elder members, also one of the founding members has been stricken by illness recently and is no longer able to stand at a lathe for any period of time. So Bill Oliver was selected as our first candidate.  The project was to take a standard lathe and turn it 90 degrees and lower the stand where it could be operated comfortably from a chair or even a wheel chair if the need should become necessary. This is not as easy as it sounds. For one thing the lathe is quite heavy and the stand must withstand the vibration and inertia of a piece of wood whirling at high speed. The second problem is the tool rest had to be repositioned so it is in front of the individual and strong enough to support the tool or chisel during turning. Two club members took on the task, Dan Henry and Fred Groves, who presented the stand to Bill at our February Meeting. The next day Dan went to Bill’s house and installed his lathe on the stand and you can see the results. Bill is happy back doing what he loves.

One very happy turner, Bill Oliver, shown below using the new Sit-Down Lathe Stand for mini lathes.

Glad to see you back in the shop Bill. Looks like the Club will have a new project.

If you would like to get the information to create your own Sit-Down Lathe (Click Here).